About Us

Atacama Aceitunas Ltda. Is an Agro-Industry dedicated to olive cultivation, specifically table olives, of the varieties Kalamata, Riviera, Negra and Bella di Cerignola, in presentations: whole, pitted, sliced and olive paste.

The almost six decades of experience in the field have allowed us to develop an intimate knowledge of production and markets, together with a consolidated support for our products.

This is a local company with a long history with the highest levels of excellence, but in its essence continues to operate a unique network in which the center is the Moreno Prohens family.



It is a dark brown table olive variety, originally from Greece. It is considered a product of great quality for its organoleptic characteristics.

Riviera / Gaeta

It is the same variety that is called different according to its calibers. Gaeta of 160/360 and Riviera 360/700 It is a small olive that is garnished like natural black.


The fruits have a high ratio pulp bone 3 / 1.The pulp is rather hard and fibrous with high level of crocancy and its most common preparation is green in brine.

Aceitunas Negras

This is a type of preparation that can be applied to any variety of olives, as it is a process of removing the bitterness to the olive using chemicals.