Company History

Atacama Aceitunas Ltda. Is an Agro-Industry dedicated to olive cultivation, specifically table olives, of the varieties Kalamata, Riviera and Bella di Cerignola, in presentations: whole, boned, sliced and olive paste.

Our productions begin in 1960 when founder Alejandro Moreno Rodillo plants the first olive groves in their fields, located in the lower part of the valley of Copiapó. We chose this crop because the soils of the area had a high salinity, which added to the temperatures of the environment, lend themselves to the growth of a dry climate tree, such as the olive tree. 145 hectares were selected for this venture. The bet paid off, but faced Don Alejandro to a new challenge, the market for the sale of olives at the time was very handmade and informal, and to emphasize in its products, bet on the presentation of the olives in cans, preserving better Its product and giving it an added value, which until then was not had.

In spite of suffering the expropriation of his lands in 1971, his spirit did not deteriorate and, in 1976, when he was returned to him, Alejandro Moreno, accompanied by his sons, this time he raised production again, incorporating New hectares and varieties. With the opening of the Chilean economy in 1982 begins to export its olives to Brazil,

At the same time, it undertook a new modernization of its plant, incorporating the use of fiberglass ponds for the olive grouting and installing a packaging line, both cans and jars, together with a stoning machine, which allowed it To enter successfully in the markets of Venezuela and Australia.

In 2000, the Moreno family contacted Agro Sevilla Aceitunas, a Spanish company, a world leader in the marketing and export of olives and olive oil. They saw the potential in the fields and in the Industrial Plant of the third region and in less than two months of negotiations, in 2001 Agro Sevilla Chile emerges, a society that consolidated itself as the most important olive growing complex in the country.

Because this is a family business, the consortium was led by the second generation of olive growers, sons of Don Alejandro who assume the management and operation of Agro Sevilla Chile, which together with the commercial management, managed by ASA, carry the products of Agro Sevilla Chile to be present in more than 10 countries in the five continents, both with own brands and with brands of clients.

The association with the Hispanic company brought with it another new modernization, incorporating new lines of packaging and semi-elaborated as well as the implementation of Management and Production Standards, so the plant currently operates under the strictest management and quality standards, Which allows us to deliver a world-class product.

In 2016 Agro Sevilla Aceitunas decides to close its operations in Latin America and the Moreno Prohens family, thus recovers 100% of the industrial property and is born Atacama Aceitunas Limitada.

The almost six decades of experience in the field have allowed us to develop an intimate knowledge of production and markets, together with a consolidated support for our products. This is a local company with a long history with the highest levels of excellence, but in its essence continues to operate a unique network in which the center is the Moreno Prohens family.